Monday, December 24, 2007

On "Vacation"

Does a stay at home mom ever really get a vacation? I guess I don't have to clean up or cook, but I feel like I am a better daughter if I help. Not to mention you still have your kid to take care of. Anyways, enjoy pictures from RJ's 1st birthday and the Palmer Christmas party. I miss my Palmer family...especially those wonderful sisters, and I miss those great friends in California too! Merry Christmas Everyone!


Dave and Crissie said...

You are missed too! Hope you are having fun! Christmas here has been great so far. We'll see you soon!

Julie said...

Love the one of pucker face baby. Miss you. Can't wait for you to come home.

Anonymous said...

I notice that Rebecca is wearing a large and boisterous bow...hmmm, very similar to the one Cadence wore that elicited many a sour look from Steve! Miss you! -Mard.