Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Restaurant week is when some restaurants that are a little pricey offer a 3 course meal for $20 at lunch and $30 at dinner. We decided to go to a steak house here in Danville, especially once we found out that we had the house. So to celebrate we came here and about 10 minutes after we showed up, our friends did too! It was such a happy suprise and fun to have dinner with them!


Roxanne said...

I love restuarant week! We have it twice a year down here in San Diego and it's always a blast!

Lindi said...

How fun!
Thanks for posting the picture, now i have it 2. You'll need to post Aptos. did you take any?

Joel and Sara said...

Do you have pics of the house?!

Kristin said...

So I need house details, and any other details of your reasons to celebrate!

And is the friend in the picture named Melinda?