Friday, April 3, 2009

Terminal D at DFW

According to DFW's website this is: An interactive sculpture located at the south side of Terminal D, this work consists of a labyrinthine pattern on the floor in colored terrazzo and curved glass walls interspersed with bursts of sound along the paths.
"My thought was to create a game of some sort; a soothing quiet, contemplative game. I then considered labyrinths and their historical significance; they are used as walking for exercise, walking to rest, as in a calming meditation effect." Christopher Janney

We ran all over and through this thing. It was really quite fun. The circles on the ground would light up and make music or animal noises, but there seemed to be no predicting when it would happen. Sometimes when you step on it, something would happen and sometimes nothing happened. Sometimes they light up on their own. The good got some energy out of my kid before the flight.


k town said...

Funny story. I've been friends with a girl named Kelli Vanleeuwen on Facebook for about 2 years. She is not you, it turns out.

Dorothy said...

wish I was at DFW....