Friday, May 21, 2010

Free Time

I got my two kiddos sleeping. So what do I do? Well I have this iTunes gift card since Christmas that has been calling my name. So I'm sitting at my computer listening to music and downloading. Now it is isn't as good as the old days when I would listen on Napster and go from person to person finding no name bands that have good songs and downloading music for free, but its okay. Especially because I'm downloading some old songs that got stolen out of my car years ago and finding new stuff too. But the best part, I'm drinking some Snapple antioxidant Water Agave Melon. Love this stuff. But all of this combined brings back wonderful memories of highschool. Spending evenings not doing homework and downloading music. The water tastes alot like Rain (also a Snapple drink, which is why I'm sure they taste similar) which I used to drink back then. Fun times.

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