Saturday, April 7, 2007


So Monday I was making some guacamole...and thought "Hey I wonder if Rebecca would like this?"

There is guacamole all over her cute. She made some of the funniest faces. I'm not quite sure if she liked it or not; I don't think she was sure either.

So for some reason she has started to suck her two fingers. She has done it at least two times this week. I personally feel like its either a thumb or a pacifier. Anybody else have thoughts on this?


KAP said...

Click to enlarge the other guacamole face to see the guacamole all over her.

Holly said...

Love the pictures!! I want some guac. From the few (maybe 3) pictures that we have of you as a baby I think she looks like you.

Becky said...

Thumb, fingers, what's the difference? (Ok, so 2 fingers minus 1 thumb = 1 is the difference.) I'm not sure you could make her change to thumb unless you really worked at it. So I have no opinion other than, if it makes a difference to you, then work on switching to thumb.

And...I'm sure the faces were of pure enjoyment of the guac. After all, she's got Texas blood running through her veins! Next, it will be chips and salsa!