Friday, April 6, 2007

My first blog!

Ok, so I'm not a blogger and am not sure I'm doing this right. But I like the idea of sharing our day to day life with each other so we can keep in touch better. This is a great idea, Kelli! I hope everyone will participate. I must admit, when I thought of photos I could share on here I first thought of pics I took of the hail storm from 2 days ago. I quickly realized how LAME that is! Am I getting that old that I the first thing I want to talk about is the weather? Yikes! So when I was at school yesterday, I took a few photos of where I spend a lot of time and who I spend it with. Now...this is my life...

This is outside of our building on the Texas Wesleyan campus. We have our own parking lot and pretty much everything we need in that building. It is nice to be able to stay in one place for all our classes. These are just a few of my classmates. There over 140 of us but less than 60 are in Fort Worth. The others do distance learning from Louisville, Denver, Shreveport, Alexandria, and several other cities. It really is a good program (even though they are stressing me out!). The girl on my right is Shannon. She joins Kim and I for study sessions at the school about once a week. She's a good buddy. The two big dudes in the back sit next to Kim and I in class.

This is our classroom...stadium seating, wireless internet, the black mounds on the desks are electrical outlets for laptops. Nice facility. Usually cold (I guess they don't want us to fall asleep during those hours and hours of lecture). You see Kim in the middle of the picture. I sit just to her left. Juby (you can see her stretching) sits right behind us. Good people.

This is the front of the classroom. We have projection equipment, cameras, and a sound system that makes it possible to see the distant sites and them to see us. Isn't technology amazing! That is Eric (red shirt) and Zak (red hat). They held a little study session for anyone that wanted to come listen. They have genious brains and can see things a little differently (like the professor). Eric is going to be doing clinical with me at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth. Zak will be at Plaza Medical Center, a hospital just down the street from JPS. Good boys.

Now this is my life at home. I've taken over the guest room. I can spread all my text books out over the bed and have my laptop on. Yes, I'm in my jammies because the best study is late at night or early in the morning and changing clothes is too much work. :o) (When hygiene becomes a burden, you know you are too stressed!)

Ok, so I am lame and included the hail. But it was so cool, just another wild spring storm in Texas. People a mile away from us never even got more than a sprinkle of rain. You can see all the hail on the ground...some were pea-sized, but most were the size of a large marble. The temperature had to have dropped from 84 to 60's within the hour. Our temps are supposed to be in the 60's all weekend with lows in the 40's. Now how cool is that for Texas in April!

Love to all and I look forward to reading blogs from everyone. You have to participate because it is the only fun I'm having right now. :o)


P.S. Matt, can't wait to see a pic of Allison...or your broken finger. :o)


KAP said...

Where was the picture of the hail taken at...because that is not at home?

Holly said...

So, are those "good boys" in the picture single? hmmm... Maybe I should move back to Dallas. I like your blog and all the pictures. (and I also like that I am not in school any more. muhahaha)

Becky said...

Hail, yes, it was at home...right outside the front door. I guess you've been gone a long time. :o)

The red shirt, Eric, is not single...lives in Decatur, has two darling little boys that he feeds oatmeal to every morning. (Being a good dad while in grad school is hard.) The red hat, Zak, is getting divorced. I don't know if things are in the works or final yet. He's 23...BIG brain...good Catholic boy...and can clap with one hand! :oD