Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Candy Drawer

Here is a picture of my candy drawer. It generally isn't this full. However, yesterday for my birthday Steve bought me candy! 6 packages of the regular skittles, 4 sour, 4 tropical, and 4 wild berry packages. Plus! 6 regular starburst packages, 3 tropical and 3 baja califonia flavor! YUM! Steve thinks it will only last me 2 weeks. I give myself 3 months. How wonderful is this beautiful! So for my birthday BART was free. I'm THAT special. So my friend Heather and her son Luke, Rebecca and I, traveled into San Fran in the morning, to evade the heat briefly. We walked around and ate some delicious lunch and did a little shopping before taking BART back to Walnut Creek. Where we then walked home in at least 96 (most likely hotter) degree heat. Yes I know I'm from TX, but we aren't crazy like the Californians who still walk around outside at outdoor malls even though it is HOT! Anyways, Steve and I went out to dinner in the evening to Vic Stewart's, a steakhouse. We went there for our anniversary this year and it is so delicious! We picked up a Great Wall of Chocolate from PF Chang's on our way home for dessert. Pretty low key, but tons of fun. Thank you all for calls and cards and text messages. It made my birthday quite wonderful.

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