Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

Friday, Steve decided to take off work, because orginally we were going to go down to our friends place in Santa Cruz, but they ended up having family only. So instead we went to the beach out by Half Moon Bay. It was a BEAUTIFULLY day. There was a little bit of fog in the morning but then it burned off and was gorgeous. There was a little breeze which kept it cool. The water is still and always will be freezing, but that's okay. So here is a picture of my sandy toes. I loved the red nail polish sticking out from underneath.

Then we have some Rebecca and Daddy pictures as they stood out next to the waves. It was a nice beach and wasn't very crowded (which is always good).
Then on Saturday we went to the cabin and for dinner we ate at La Villa's, the local mexican restaurant. Rebecca was loving the guacamole. She ate more of it today as well.

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Dave and Crissie said...

That is a cute picture of Rebecca eating guacamole. You better watch out, Jonny LOVES avocado and that is one expensive fruit. By the way, I got around to blogging a little bit, and now it is way too late for me to be up.