Thursday, February 12, 2009

Journals are my fav #12

I love journals. I have had a journal from before being 8. I used to write very frequently in my journal, but ever since I started dating Steve it has gone downhill really quick. Which is kinda sad, because it would be nice to have written down some of the wonderful things we did while dating.

There have always been requirements for my journals. Spiral bound does not constitute a journal for me, that would make it a notebook. When I was younger it had to have a lock so my siblings wouldn't read it because there was important stuff in there. Like who I liked.

I used to write a quote at the beginning of every journal I had:
"Get a notebook my young folks, a journal that will last through all time, and maybe the angels may quote from it for eternity." Spencer W. Kimball.
Here is a quote from the oldest journal I have with me (I have olders ones in TX): "Josh W. still ahsn't borken up with Beth, but still got some friday night. Also, Jackie frenched Mark after going out with him for less than a week! some girls' standards are way low!" Also both exclamations points are dotted with a heart.
I also used to put times on my entries. So for instance the exceprt above comes from the second entry of this journal and I started at 10:03 and ended at 10:09 (it was a short entry). Most are about 15 minutes, in case you wanted to know.


Tara T said...

thats hilarious. I wish I would have kept a journal. now I keep one as a blog for my kids. i feel like i can type a lot faster than writing so i started an "offspring journal" blog and just made it private. good job for being so consistent. Are those pictures, your actual journals?

Jen said...

I miss taking time with you everyday to write in our journals! That was great!

Joel and Sara said...

Love it ! I would love to read about our PSHS days together. Hehe

April J. said...

I am a blog snooper, I found you after last night. I hope you don't mind. I love this post. Makes me want to encourage Miranda now.