Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tubby Time (but without Tinky Winky)

Rebecca had her first sitting up bath time Tuesday, right after feeding her peas for the first time! It was super messy like all the previous feedings. However, on Wednesday, we tried again. This time I did it before her bottle and she did very well. She did keep hitting my hand and peas would go flying but the ones that made it to her mouth went down!
My new father (not to be confused with the old father who is actually younger) is retiring this month. On Thursday his work invited the family for a luncheon at a mexican restaurant that is actually located at a gas station. Rebecca and cousin Dayne had matching dresses for the occassion. The invites were sailing themed, though that was the only thing, except for the adorable girls.

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Holly said...

I LOVE the first picture with the peas. I can't tell if she likes them or not.