Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wedding and the Park

We went to our cousin, Mindy's wedding last Friday. She married Matthew Petersen. Both are from the area so the reception was HUGE! One of the partner's from Steve's accounting firm was there, my old boss from the law firm was there, Steve's old boss from a previous summer was there, and lots more people aside from just family.

There cake was very different from any that I have seen. Only one layer was actually cake. They served another cake for everyone to eat and they served ice cream in a martini glasses rimmed with sugar with a wafer cookie in it. Yum!

Here is a bum shot for ya. Such a cutie.

Then on Wednesday, Rebecca and I went to the park with our friend's Mardee and Cadence. Mardee was babysitting a little friend named Max. RJ loved the swing and so did Cadence, but it just put Max to sleep.

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Becky said...

Love the swing shots. Maybe we should all post swing photos of ourselves...

Can Elder Nate look at the Blog? Now with the bum shot on there, it may be blocked from him. JK

Cute, cute baby...