Monday, October 1, 2007


The last page of my wedding scrapbook has been completed! It only took me a little over two years. But I love it. Now it is time to start working on Rebecca's. I also did a quick video so you can hear how Rebecca's Swahili is coming along.

I forgot to turn off the music in the background so that is a little bit of Pete Yorn's EZ for ya.

Also, Steve and I watched the final episode of Rock of Love. Anybody else been watching that or is just Steve and I the only ones addicted to this silly show? The point though is that I am SO glad that he chose Jes. She was definitely the coolest. But its kind of funny how the other chick has his name tattooed to the back of her neck. haha!


Business Nerd said...

Scrapbooking?! Rock of Love?! Geez, are you really bored? I can send you some of my homework to do...

Holly said...

Me too!! I'll send you my homework too. It seems like all I'm ever doing is physics homework. Or I can give you the easy stuff, trig homework. You decide. Thanks.