Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grandma Jensen

Below is a conversation I got to overhear just a few minutes ago.

"Allen, come and sit down. I have something very important to tell you. And you need to sit because you may not like it."

A pause

"I wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful home and a beautiful garden. I really appreciate them and you did a great job."

Now this is not the exact words, but for those of you who know Grandma Jensen, its pretty close. I am grateful that Steve's grandparents have been so generous to let us disrupt their quiet lives, while we have waited to hear about our house. And I am grateful for what wonderful examples they are in how we should treat our spouses even after so many years. Humor is a definite need in a relationship.


Julie said...

I love it! That is so Grandma... We really are so blessed. I'm so excited about your house! Can't wait to see it in December!

Lindi said...

That is awesome!! :)

Business Nerd said...

I was expecting a conversation about prune juice or LDL cholesterol levels or complaints about Democrats.

Kristin said...

That is a great conversation, and a great example.