Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'll play.

Tina "tagged" me. Not really because she didn't actually name me, but I haven't done this and it seems like an easy post, so why not?

So, this is the 4th folder under my pictures and the 4th picture in there.

(1) The date I have on this is 4/2/08. I'm not sure how accurate, but I know the month is right. (2) Starting in the front and going back is Dayne (13 months), Rebecca (16 months) and Crewe (55 months :). (3) Cousins playing together in the backyard. (4) The two girls just love Crewe and each other!

So any family who hasn't done this, I'll tag you. Rules: 4th album, 4th picture, 4 things about it. Quick simple post.

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