Saturday, November 1, 2008

Standing on the side of the road

I wish I took pictures this morning but I didn't. This morning, as a family, we held up Vote Yes on Prop 8 signs on the side of the road with about 40 or more other people. Some of the signs said Prop 8 = Freedom of Religion, Prop 8 = Less Government, Prop 8 = Parental Rights and there were a few others too. There was also Honk for Yes on 8. We had tons of people honking and giving us thumbs up. Just to note, we are out there smiling and waving and we have our child who is under two. We had the middle finger out the window a few times. We had some thumbs down. We had people yelling out their cars "bigot," "vote no for hate," and telling us that we are teaching our kids to hate and more. One guy said that we had enough freedom of religion. To see the people who would yell at us and the hate they had for us was shocking.

My sister-in-law had Yes on 8 bumper sticker and she had someone glue a sign to her car with lots of glue. She luckily got there before the glue dried and any damage was done. My father-in-law sent a letter to the newspaper about how hundreds of Yes on Prop 8 signs have been stolen off of private property and public property. His name was published in the paper and he has been afraid of vandalism.

Its crazy because I thought I lived in America, where we are free to believe and to tell others what we believe without persecution. That we can all coexist in this country peacefully even though we believe different things. But it seems times are changing. Apparently now it is not enough to give others rights at our own expense. Furthermore, it is no longer our right as parents to be informed of what our children are being taught at school. Where equal rights means having a "gay day" but not a heterosexual day for KINDERGARTNERS (Hayward, CA). Neither seem all that appropriate to me.

Okay I'm going to step off my soap box now.

Anybody who has 4 min. and wants to know more about Prop 8, go here:

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