Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Holly's Ramblings

Being a single and Mormon in DC sucks! I'm ready to leave. Every day it gets harder and harder. I'm about to go crazy. On the upside, though, I gave my job notice that I will be leaving and I started a second job (waitressing) to help save money until that day comes. I wish that day was tomorrow, though. If any of you would like to contribute to the "Get Holly out of DC" Fund, please send me a check. Or if you know a way of getting me out of here cheaply, let me know asap. I took two sick days last week (aka sick of work/mental health days). I wasn't planning on it, but the first day I started packing my stuff up. If I didn't love my stuff as much as I do then I would sell most of it and just hop on a $150 one way flight to Utah right this minute. Hmmmm.... maybe I should just do that. Oh, but I love my bed too much to let it go.

I think that is all that I really have going on. If I think of more, I guess I'll just write another blog later.

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KAP said...

Steve said you should look into how much it cost to ship things.

Oh and look in your mail in the next week for a check for the "Get Holly out of DC" Fund.