Thursday, May 17, 2007

Life in DC....and meet my co-workers

Last week my company was having a big conference at one of the Marriotts in DC. One of the mornings they had a run planned for the members and they asked me to lead it. So I got to stay the night in the hotel. It was a really nice room and the part of DC that it is in is fun and hip. So, Wednesday night, after my kickball game, yes, I'm on a kickball team at work, I went to the hotel for the evening. The next morning I got up bright and early and took the members on the run. The weather was nice, except it was really, really humid. The people were nice and fun to talk to. After the run I had a huge breakfast of bacon, eggs, bisquits, yogurt, etc. So yummy. And then I bought Duke University's Coach Krzyzewski's new book and had him sign it. I stayed at the hotel the rest of the day instead of heading back to the office, because then I wouldn't have to work as much and I would have a free lunch, too.
That night they had a big dinner with entertainment from Michael Cavanaugh, lead in the current Broadway musical "Moving' Out".

There were hundreds of people at the dinner and it was really delicous. We sat in the back since we are staff. Once the music started we started clapping, singing, dancing, etc. And everyone else just sat there looking all bored and uptight (like most people here on the east coast). Later we made our way to the front to dance, by the stage. Here are some pictures. The first one is of Kathleen and me (not a great picture, because I look like I'm about to fall asleep or something, but I curled my hair and I wanted you to see). This was before the dinner--we went to a restaurant to sit on the patio and get some drinks (or in my case, free water).

The second picture is of Stephanie and her husband Dominik. Stephanie's last day is tomorrow. They are moving to Lexington, KY because her husband just graduated from Georgetown Law school and he has a clerkship there for a year.

The third picture is of Kara and her husband, Mike.

For one of the songs the band invited all of us who were dancing, and atually enjoying ourselves,(only girls) to come up on the stage. This is Kara, Stephanie, Kathleen and Lin up on the stage with the band. Where am I? I was sitting in the audience watching. This picture makes me chuckle.

This next picture is of one of the lobbyists that I work for and his wife-Peter and Alice. They are the funniest people ever. And he is fun to work for. Alice also got on the stage to dance with the band.

Well, now that ya'll have seen the fun people I work with I feel ok with leaving this city. I have packed up all of my things and sent most of it with a guy who left for Utah today. My room is now empty and I love it. This makes it official. I have to leave. Too bad I still have two more months of living here. Liz is coming to visit for the 4th of July and then after she leaves it won't be long until I move away!! Yay!
I'll have more to post in the next couple weeks with pictures from kickball, Memorial day in New York City, and the BBQ this weekend. Stay tuned.

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