Monday, May 28, 2007


First day of the year for a swimming suit. Happy Memorial Day! Here is RJ in her cute Memorial day get-up with the cute pink ladybug on the front and the ruffles around to the back and mismatching purple hat. The suit is a little bit big and the straps fall down over her shoulders. Saturday we spent out on the boat tied to the dock with cousin Dayne and Crewe. Dad put Rebecca in the water to test it and she looked straight into Dad's eyes and started howling because it was so cold.

Monday the whole family was at the cabin but RJ didn't make it out much due to an early morning. Dad, Rebecca and I slept at the cabin Sunday night and early, early in the morning I got woken by the sounds of little cries. RJ had scooted herself all the way under the bed frame in the room she was sleeping in. There was no matress on it and it was just her head. She was scared because she didn't know where she was. I had no glasses on because they had gotten left in our car that was left in Livermore and when I pulled her out from under, her head getting slightly caught on the bed frame, she was screaming bloody murder. After a bottle and a little play, with still no sun peeking on the horizon, I set her in her carrier so I could go grab something and she started crying. Dad woke up and came to the rescue. She would not let us set her down or be out of her sight. So into the bed came Rebecca so that Mom and Dad could sleep a little bit longer. She fell asleep for awhile longer too.

In the mail last Thursday I received a package from Bebe with a dirty clothes bag for Rebecca. Here is a picture. How cute is it! Thanks Bebe, wonderful job!

This past week RJ and I have spent two days at parks and she loves to be outside. She could sit under a tree and watch the wind blow the leaves for hours. She also watches when people eat very intently. I'm hoping to start her on some baby food this week (I was going to last week but we got busy). If all goes well, I'll have some cute pictures with food all over her.

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Becky said...

Love that sexy swimsuit!