Friday, May 4, 2007


Rebecca and I have to stay at home today. Rebecca has a bad diaper rash and needs to have no diaper times. We have been at home all week but of course because we HAVE to be here today, I want to get out. It does help that it is cloudy and cool outside to stay in. We have a nice hot fire inside that we are hanging out in front of. Rebecca loves looking at the fire. I'm reading the Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevailer to Rebecca as we hang out.

I started an herb garden that sits on our balcony. Parsley, Basil and Rosemary. Its going quite well for my first plants. The parsley and basil have gotten burned in the sun a couple of times which makes the parsley shrivel up and the basil turn yellow and brown, but they have both grown significantly. The rosemary hasn't grown at all and has turned brown. I read online that they don't like to be transferred from pot to pot.

I have a bug bite just above my right knee that I noticed last night. I keep trying not to scratch...I'm not doing too bad. I have no itch cream to put on it, and I can't go to the store to buy any (refer to paragraph one).

RJ keeps rolling on to her stomach and then getting mad she is on her stomach. She spits up and then will put her head in it if I don't get her moved in time. Then she has spit up in her hair and last night, over her eyelid. She has rolled from her stomach on to her back but when she is upset she doesn't.

Steve's birthday is Sunday; he will be 26. I'm going to make creme brulee to celebrate. Yummy!

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